It's always interesting to draw a connection with the person behind the product. It builds brand trust, customer loyalty and a good feeling knowing who and why you are helping the person creating that special something that you would like to purchase. 

So I plan to wear my heart on my sleeve as I wade through the murky water of life towing along my two kids and somewhat reluctant (although supportive!) husband. 

I have been creating Aromatherapy products for what seems like eons - don't get me wrong! I love making and sniffing and sciencing it all out. Its a passion that has consumed me and you can see it all over my disaster of a work space. 

I also have a 'Regular' Job outside of my home - my employer will remain annonymous. It gets in the way of my passion to say the least. I am up at 5:30am on most days packaging up orders and responding to messages and then popping my kids off on the school bus and rushing off to the brick box of doom. Only to return to home for more packaging and more making. Squeezing in a helathy dinner and running my kids to activities. 

Why (you may ask) are you still working a 'Regular' Job? I suppose it is 50% my fear of letting go, 50% my husbands fear of me letting go. I will get there one day - just when is that day getting here? 

Anyways-- I have a jar (actually it's a bank account, but jar sounds cute) that I am saving up all my pennies to build a custom studio on my rural property. If you don't follow me on Facebook and Instagram - consider - I post a lot of funny photos of my chickens and the odd photo of my kids amongst my products shots. I am the equivalent of the crazy cat lady - but I am the crazy chicken lady. 

A few other interesting tidbits you might like to know about me:

1. I am a trained Doula

2. I practice Reiki 

3. I am a Reflexologist

4. I am plunging into the most exciting thing I have ever done this summer.

Did that peak your interest? 

About three summers ago my husband lost his job due to downsizing and it wasn't the nice kind of downsizing - it was the kind where they don't want to pay you a severance so they find an excuse and then walk you off with a security and then forbid the co-workers that you have been friends with for over 15years to have any contact with you. Jerks. 

So you can see where the 50% fear factor comes from. 

So if it weren't for me working two jobs we would be out on the street. Well, I am sure my amazing parents would have taken us in, chickens, cat, kids and all. 

At the time I (don't ask me how I do it!) I also organized several events. Heirlooms and the Etsy: Made in Canada Niagara event. Which are both large events, Heirlooms was in its third year. And I taught classes and coached on how to open an Etsy shop. 

Then I snapped. 

I tried to continue - but I began to weep excessively when no one was around. When I was driving to the brick box, when I was shipping off packages in the quiet time before my kids woke up, when I put my head on my pillow to sleep. I would have a few good days and then something would happen. It turned into full on wailing and screaming and wondering what the hell I was doing. It felt so good to just let it all out. 

Then I had an epiphany.

I had had enough. 

So that was it! I handed over the reins to my shows to my lovely friend Karrie of Vixen and Reynard. And she is doing marvelous! 

It took a long time for me to sort out my emotional breakdown - I didn't just wake up one morning and it was gone... it felt like a constant struggle against the current. I dreaded every day, I purged my facebook friends, I considered going to see a therapist (though I didn't, but do reccomend to anyone feeling like I did) My family never knew what I was going through - it was a secret. 

So then came the dawning of the age of aquarious (so to speak) for me. I took up Yoga with fervor. It brought me up and out. I will elaborate on my experiences in future posts. 

When I step on my mat - my heart thrills with joy. And I have a tendancy to cry, even when I am doing my Asanas at home - I choke my tears back in class, usually, but they just roll down my cheeks during shivasana. This is the good kind of crying - its like seeing and old friend and getting a big hug. Its like glowing with pride for your children. Its such a big enormous uneartlhy feeling - like I am going to expode! 

Now I am set to go off for an entire month. Thank you to mom and dad for taking care of my feather babies. Where am I going? Why, I am going to Sivanada Ashram Yoga Camp to be a Yoga Teacher! And I can't wait - I hope to help others and plan on having lots of affordable classes and even some free ones. 

So help me help others - make a purchase in my little shop so I can stash away the pennies into my 'Jar' so I can build my dream studio and we can watch the chickens pecking around while will do some Down Dogs.