So, like everything in my life, things come together. When disaster strikes and I am at my wits end with the calamity of it all - the peices just fall together. In the last post I wrote how I thrived living on the edge - all unintentionally. And I stick to that statement, it is something I definately have to work through. 

My initial stress about only three weeks to the show fizzled out as I blended, bottled and labeled my 1,000 bottles. 

Now my only worry, aside from the financial stress of putting out so much money, is the daily commute. I am staying with my lovely Grandmother at her retirement residence in Hamilton for the duration of the show. This will be mildy amusing as she has no short term memory and every day will be a new day with me visiting. Her 94 years have been pretty good ones - she only just moved into the home about a year and a half ago. I can only hope to be that independant! 

My kids will be staying with my parents for the weekdays and they will be playing hooky one of those days to come and see me! Dad will have them on the weekend and hopefully they will be coming up a second time to offer support. Any pee breaks are appreciated.... 

I have to send big thanks out to everyone that has come together to help me! My patient parents that are always willing to lend a hand with my kids, my dad is so handy - I don't know what I would do without him. Thanks also to Jen from Frayed Knot Fibre & Stephanie from for coming out to help bottle with me and for the photo shoot. A special thanks to Karrie from Vixen & Reynard for all the moral support and gossipy goodness.  

If you offered a kind word or a purchase leading up to the show I thank you sincerely. Even if all you are doing is reading along with my little musings here I thank you. 

As it all comes together, in the end it's all love.


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