I would like to say that I am homesteading on our little plot of land. We have chickens and bees. But I don't grow any vegetables. I tried when we first moved in but it ended in disaster with a giant patch of 'ground cherries' which took over and squashed the life out of everything growning in the 10 foot vicinity. 

So this year I try again. I started my seeds a little late but my patch is a little smaller and more manageable. 

Our first year of bees was a big success. They were happy and healthy and produced ample honey from our single hive. The following summer we split the hive into two and it looked like things were going well. With our inexperience,  we took honey too early and it weakened the hive. By the end of the summer wax moths had decimated the new hive. We had to dismantle to ensure the moths were gone. 

Putting the lid on our First Hive

Two weeks ago on our first nice sunny day of spring - I took a trip out to the hive and saw the bees busing themselves and clearing out the winter dead. 

Sadly, yesterday I went out again but there was nothing. 

Not even one single solitary soldier. They had absconded! Off to greener pastures. Springtime swarm has taken them away and we are left to begin again. 

Life is about new beginnings - every moment is a new beginning. You can change your mind, you can change your direction, you can abscond to greener pastures anytime you want. Heck, my bees did. 

Painting our First Hives

Bees are all about new beginnings. The colony gets to big, half of them move out and find a new place. You split a hive and they (usually) love thier new one, make a new queen and keep right on going. Nothing (outside of illness and pests) can stop them - and even when tragedy strikes - they still keep right on going. Right up until the bitter end! When we took apart our absconded colonies hive - there were bees that had died working. They went right up to the absolute last second of life trying and making their moment a new beginning. 

Today we begin again on a new beginning. Jeff, my husband, will drive down and get us two new colonies and I will dig up my patch of earth. We will try again. And we will try again and again. Because eveything is a new beginning. 

A Little New Beginning