Life is funny. And not always ha ha funny. 

Life is challenging and sometimes we have to meet those challenges when we least expect it. 

I never for a minute thought that leaving for four weeks to attend Sivananda Yoga Ashram would turn me inside out, leaving me raw - just waiting for the buzzards to encircle my decaying carcas. 

Three weeks of weeping when there was a moment of solitude, a chant that pleaded to Krishna for help or a kind friend to listen. But it was not just me - we were all a mess, soul searching - watching our vultures close in. 

We all chose the most difficult path to become teachers and deepen our practice. 

We all were looking for that 'something' missing. 

I hope with all my heart that everyone who attended the course came to some clarity and direction within their personal journey and left feeling as amazing as I did. 

In this world it is so rare to meet others who are truly caring and compassionate. 

If their ever was a kindred spirit to be found, I am sure I discovered mine. I am crossing my fingers, closing my eyes and channeling all my happy thoughts towards a time when we might be able to see each other again. 

Yoga, when translated literally, means to yoke. A union of body, mind and soul. It is so much more than asana and pranayama. Our thoughts and our words manifest our innermost desires - wether they are good or bad. 

So I will keep crossing my fingers, closing my eyes and shooing my buzzards away until my thoughts become my reality. 

I am courageous.